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Hey guys! So, this season is a wonderful time for music galore! With all of the Christmas caroling and wonderful holiday music all around.

But, for us performers, it's a very busy time indeed. With all of the holiday concerts to make people get into the spirit, we have a lot of work cut out for us. I know that sometimes, it feels like there's too much rehearsing and not enough time for us to enjoy our holidays. I definitely feel like that sometimes, especially now, with three concerts this week.

But, when I think about it, seeing all of my friends and signing all of the...

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So, yesterday, I performed my dance in the actual Expo yesterday, and it was so much fun. Not only did we have a good time performing, but we got to watch all the toher acts, including a kung fu act that went on before us.

It was really amazing, because he broke a piece of glass on stage, just by throwing something at it.

But, that meant that there was broken glass all over the stage, right before we were about to dance on it. And worse, it was a Bollywood dance, so of course we did it barefoot.

I was in the front of the stage when we went up, and I was one...

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If your audience doesn't participate in your performance ,or they don't seem to enjoy it, don't lose your confidence and your passion. If anything, you want to get even more into it, because the more into it you get, the more they will enjoy it.

But, the most important thing is...don't hold back. You should perform to the best of your ability, no matter what.

Becuase, in the end, when you're looking back on the performance, and you realize you could have put more into it, you don't feel as bad. Because you know it was just the audience, and not you.

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Okay, okay, boring title. I am totally aware. But, if you're looking for an exciting peformance, my advice may help.

So, my advice is exactly what the title sounds like. When you're choosing music for a performance, make sure there's variety. If all the styles, or texts or even costumes are the same, it makes for a really boring concert.

If you're singing solo, make sure that the pieces you choose are different in terms of style and text, however, don't worry about changing what you're wearing. But, if the music is the same style, it's redundant, and the audience loses interest...

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To start off, I'm going to say that I'm not singing in front of a group of people this time, I'm dancing. I'll tell you all how it goes, but, I'd like to talk about something that happens befor eyou get onstage. And, something that doesn't even have to do with you.

There's plenty of people who get nervous before they go onstage, and sometimes even during and after their peformance. I have never gotten that scared before, but sometimes, that happens to the best of the best. In this case, we're doing a Bollywood dance, which puts me greatly out of my comfort zone, but people will think...

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So, first of, big thanks to MichaelJackson'sGirl for giving me this awesome idea! I kinda of broadened the topic that was given to me, but I hope it will be just as helpful!

Here we go on the topic of auditions! They can make people nervous, scared, and it can make people feel sick. However, when auditioning, just be calm and relaxed. Pretend that you are still practicing, and that you're all by yourself, and get lost in the music.

Auditions can open new doors. Like, on American Idol, when Jordan Sparks auditioned, that would be opening a whole new door in her life. It would...

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Truly, when it comes to music, concerts make it worth everything. When you're in your uniform and you are doing everything just as you rehearsed for everyone in the audience. While you're nervous when trying to sing as beautifully as possible.

The feeling of concerts are different for everyone, but when you love music, they're always enjoyable. Concerts make all the rehearsing and work worth it, because you get to share what you have been working on. And, when there are others there, you get to see what everyone else has been working on.

Today I had my first school choir...

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So, I'm really really sorry for not replying on the blog for a while. But, I have my first school choir concert in less than a week which I am really nervous for. So, I decided I would talk abbout something that happens to a lot of musicians before they perform.

Stage fright!!!

So, stage fright is not a fun feeling. Especially when you are on stage and you have it. And, many people tell you to "imagine the audience in their underwear" or something of that sort. Well, for me, that just makes me more nervous. So, what I do is...just do it!

Stage fright...

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So, today I reconnected with an old band that I loved, and still loved, but I haven't had as much time to listen to it anymore. The GazettE. And to be quite honest, their music still hits me like it did when I first heart it. It's so beautiful.

So, I suggest you listen to them. But, this post is also to tell you to reconnect with an artist that you used to listen to before. It's a really nice feeling when you go back and listen to them again.

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Music can be a good way to express yourself. And, it can also be a good way to let your emotions out. Whether it be writing music, or listening to it, music is always something that captures the truth of humanity. It seems that when people pour their thoughts into song, they are being honest with themselves, and the world.

When you think of any topic, chances are there's a song for it. Whether it be a classical song, a remix or a genre that you don't often listen to.

Which is why exploring genres is always good. Because then, you find different music for different feelings...

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Gloria Tibi

So, anotehr song that we're doing in Choristers is called Gloria TIbi.

It's a very interesting and dynamic piece. The beginning is absolutely great, and it just keeps getting better. THe way that all the voice parts blend together makes it a truly amazing call and response song.

One good thing about this piece, is that there's plenty to keep track of, but that doesn't take over the spirit of the music as it is sung.

Here is a video of the song.

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So, I would like to wish my dear SC-bear an almost "Happy Birthday" because it is coming up soon. So, I suppose I just want everyone to keep that in mind. Also, I would like to post the grand unveiling of the song that I thought represented her most.

And so... The song is... Aila Re Aila. It's a Hindi song, and it is incredibly upbeat, and the music is very catchy. It's a fun dance song, and I think that it represents SC's fun, upbeat and friendly personality very well. So, here's the video to the song, and hopefully you all enjoy it and love it as much as I do.

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So, on Wednesday I had my out of school Choristers Assembly. I suppose I shall refer to my school choir as Concert Choir. So, in Choristers, my favorite song that we're doing right now would be Exaudi Laudate.

There it is for anyone who wants to listen.

Also, today during Chemistry, my...

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Hey everyone! Welcome to the new and improved music blog. I know I have already made some posts, but I am thinking of updating it a lot more frequently and with more than just site news. If you feel that you have anything important to contribute to the blog, whether it be a new song or some news about yourself, send me a PM. Also, be sure to comment on this post to let all the writers know what you think about it.

That said, watch out for new posts soon, becaus this should be a very fun experience for all of us.

So, in my school choir, we are singing a song called "Heart,...

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If you are sick of reading all these lengthy posts, and would rather have something a little shorter. If you look at the Portal page, there is a new "Announcements" feature at the top of the page that I will use to post important announcements about the forum. Though, the blog is good for detailed reports of

Also, anyone who has anything about themselves to announce, feel free to send me a message about it and I'll get it up on the announcement's board.

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Hello everyone! (aka, the two active members on the forum. xD)

Anyway, do you guys have any suggestions for the site? Anything that might make more people join? If so, post on a comment on this post, and write a topic in the suggestions section. Thanks!

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Poetry Month

April is Poetry Month! So, for all of us here on the forums, please write your own poems and then turn them into music!

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Hello everyone.

Thank you for joining the forum. We are currently working to expand the growth of our community, and share our passions and talents with the world. Thank you so much for being patient with us and helping us.

Remember that we're going to be updating our website as more and more members join. One of these updates includes adding a moderation staff. This staff will help out with making sure that the forums are a safe and enjoyable place for everyone to share their work.

Be sure to send me a PM on the forum if you're interested.


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Hello everyone.

I hope you all are enjoying the Song Writing Forums. And I am hoping that more people could enjoy sharing their music and becoming a part of our community.

Which is why I encourage everyone to invite their friends to the forums.

The more members we get, the more things that our existing members can do. Such as gain new features. Once we have enough people, we can do things like add an RPG game to the forum, and have a moderating staff.

I encourage you all to help our community grow!


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Hello, and welcome to the Song Writing Forums.

Here, you can write your own music and post it. You can also chat with other members who share the same interests as you. You can do this by posting in some of the other sections, and posting about yourself.

With the new year, I'm trying to bring a new lonk to my forum. Feel free to check it out. And please join if you're interested. In other news, happy posting and writing!


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