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The Outsider

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1 The Outsider on Sun Jul 25, 2010 5:15 pm

(Verse 1)
I face the breeze down south
Staring down at everybody else
Doin’ something else

Every time I try to put myself through
The others always put me down
Saying, “Look at her.
She ain’t nothing like us.”

(Chorus 1)
I’m closing my eyes to prison my tears,
My hopeless thoughts, my deepest fears
Hoping to shine
Like the pretty lights

I want to go where I should be,
But I can’t give up
This is me
I can’t feel alright
Being the outsider

(Verse 2)
I face straight down, and I suddenly
Figured out that I’m not the little shy girl I used to be
I open my eyes to see

My passion and heart make up what I see
All the other girls joke around and play
Without me
Because I’m so strange

(Chorus 2)
I wanna take back to the time life was easy
Summer were hot and winders were chill
And where am I?
Standing by

I’m gonna take the chances I’ll get
To clear the air
Stop and stare
You know I’m there
The outsider’s there


(Verse 3)
Every few terms came and turned around
I will lay down in my spot in town
Some one will tap on my shoulder and say
(Spoken) “Little lady, I want to make you the next big thing.”

(Chorus 3)
I will never ever turn him down
This time has came around
I’m going to shine
Like pretty lights

All those other girls I met before
They all envy me instead of the rumors
This is my turn

(Verse 4)
I sit here today fun and thrilled
I place the smile on my face
Fame really took
The outsider’s place

You see, in my singing school, I'm considered an outsider because I don't dance (I can't tap or am not flexible). I figure that outsiders are made famous. It's true apparently.

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