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I Want To Be With You

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1 I Want To Be With You on Sun Jul 25, 2010 5:18 pm

(Piano solo)

Verse 1: Everybody knows
Everybody knows about me loving you
They smirk and snick
They’ll say you wouldn’t love me too

Chorus: How about this
How about that
To push those thoughts
From my mind
I want you to say

I want to be with you (2x)
You know of course I do (2x)

To be with you


Verse 2: Think of me
Think of me every time I look into your eyes
I’ll smile and gleam
Because it means it should be the time

By and by
Oh by and by
We never knew why
How words are bitter to the mind

(Chorus; Piano)

Verse 3: Make a wish
Make me fly
How high will we go?
Lets take it slow

(Spoken in whisper) I want to be with you… forever.

I was at singing lessons, and I heard a song that's like this.

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