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Who Can Be The One

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1 Who Can Be The One on Sun Jul 25, 2010 5:20 pm

Refrain: Who can be the one? (2x)

Verse 1: What the problem with me?
I’m not acting like myself
It’s this little thing called love
It’s sure a first start

I’ve broken down many times before
Only mattered ‘bout all its wealth
I’ve again been stuck with love
This time I spoke to my heart

Chorus: I imagine us on the beach and the sand
We would go to our special land
I could make me see
Let us be

Let us have some fun
Who could be the one?
Who will I spend my life with?
With and for all time?

Will this be a mistake?
My brain’s in a craze
I will be runnin’ over the place
When will this be over and done?
Who can be the one?


Verse 2: For some time, I got to know you
You were the kind of guy who
Would stand for what’s right
Would you need my help?

Creative and form
Our dreams will soon be born
Unless I get my confedence back
Then, we’ll get on track

(Chours; Refrain)

Verse 3: When we are alone
There will be stars a glow
We will dance ‘til the tiny break of dawn
Is he the one?
Are you the one?

(Chorus; Refrain (2x))

I was listening to Kissin U-Miranda Cosgrove. Then, for my imagination's sake, I pictured me and Nathan Kress.

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