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Don't Go

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1 Don't Go on Sun Jul 25, 2010 5:23 pm

Verse 1: I hope you know what you’re goin’ through
You took your bags
And without tellin’ me, you left

Chorus: I gave a call and it was done
Oh who could’ve thought
That you were the one?

You took me high and pushed away
It was a consequence
That I was beaten to

I begged for you to stay
Just for today
I guess I wasn’t the best friend so
But please don’t go

Verse 2: Don’t you know what you had done
You knew there was a simple way
To make me cry
I could’ve been the one for you


Bridge: I used to stay by your side
Now we’re only miles wide
If you would only come back
You’re not alone

Verse 3: Wave you hand
It’s over and done
Could you have ever been the one?


Verse 4: There nothin’ left for me to do
I could only wish
To be beside you

My me+Nellson thing again.

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