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1 Crying on Sun Jul 25, 2010 5:24 pm

Chorus: We could pretend that it never happened at all
We could pretend so I won’t fall
Let all this come to your senses
Only come to
When you’re crying

Verse 1: I’ve been through so much in time so little
It’s making me cry
Basically, it can be my fault
Which still makes me cry

Bridge: Have you ever dreamed of the perfect place
That nothing could basically go wrong?
People say, “Girl, I got your back”
But because of that is what makes me break down


Verse 2: Mama’s always fighting
Daddy doesn’t know I exist
Jackie’s touring around the world
Nellson just doesn’t have time anymore

I make me wonder
Why if it’s the best
And behind my back
You drop down in tears

(Chorus; Instrumental)

Verse 3: I’m staring alone in the big wide space
My mind’s been wanderin’ over the place
All I wanted is to see someone’s facfe

(Bridge; Chorus)

Verse 4: Clouds are covering over my face
The sun won’t shine again in grace
Nobody know why
It makes me cry

How my life is now.

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