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Trying My Best

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1 Trying My Best on Sun Jul 25, 2010 5:26 pm

Verse 1: Thinking before you speak
It’s the hardest thing anyone can do
Try your best

Holding on to your temper
Much frustrating as it gets
Try your best

Don’t tear yourself apart, kid
It’s only the way to live
Everybody makes mistakes
Give it or take

Chorus: You see
I’m a girl that can’t do anything right
Everything I do ends up on sight
Less confedence cracks inside

I won’t wait ‘til it’s fixed
Because I’m the one
I can get the job
Don’t worry about a thing

I’m trying my best

Verse 2: Growing up is all learning on the way
Teach yourself how it works
Try your best

Fitting in is not easy
It takes time to find who you are
So do I

It will take a million years to see who I am inside
I can only express it in words
That’s why I’m trying my best to write this song
For all of you


Bridge: Build up
Your strength
Shrink down
Your weakness

It’ll all be worth it in time
There it will shine

(Instrumental; Bridge; Chorus)

Verse 3: Don’t give up
Stand up
Just try

Another story song.

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