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1 Follow Me on Sun Jul 25, 2010 5:29 pm

Verse 1: Let the magic all
Sink in
To your mind

I’ll teach you
That I learned

Easy as it looks
It’s easier than that
All you have to do is

Chorus: Follow me
I make the pathway
You will walk on it

Follow me
I’ll make the magic easy to control for you
It’s your destiny

We’ll save the world
Just follow me

Verse 2: Teaching my way is not all that bad
I’ll be firm
But strict won’t fair

Come on
Lets go
Punch your arm out like this

You’re getting there
Will you change your mind?
Will you


Verse 3: Watch me
Follow me
Even though we’re different

It’s all
The same

You’ll learn
In time
Come on and

(Chorus (2x); Fades)

For my new Pokemon stories that I'm writing. If you don't watch Pokemon, you are not gonna get this.

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