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Stop Now

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1 Stop Now on Sun Jul 25, 2010 5:33 pm


Verse 1: When I was little
My grandma lost her life
I only knew her for a short time

Bridge 1: For the first time, I asked God
When my father’s mother died
There was no reply
The wind set aside

Verse 2: My brother came upon
A life crisis
He was taken away

Then, his father was laid aside
His mother was about to die
There was no where left to turn

Bridge 2: For the first time, he asked God
Why his parents had to die
There was shed of blood
Things end as they should

Chorus: Stop now, God
Stop death right now
Too many live are crushed
I can’t even breathe

Stop now, God
Stop it before it gets worse
There’s no where left to go
Oh no

Verse 3: Now the youngest
Of our family
Asked me were his mother was

I tried and tried
I found a match
It resulted her to pass away

Bridge 3: We both asked God why
Why his mother had to die
Doesn’t seem we have a choice
We must shout at one voice

Verse 4: My brother ran away
To find the one he lost
Even though she had suicide

(Bridge 3; Chorus; Instrumental)

Verse 5: We have suffered
Too many times
We hold our hands in prayer

Bridge 4: Now we all ask God why
Why they all have to die
We have to have a choice
Speak now with our voice

(Chorus (3x); Instrumental)

Listening to We've Had Enough-Michael Jackson

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