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Stuck In The Middle

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1 Stuck In The Middle on Sun Jul 25, 2010 5:34 pm

Refrain: Stuck in the middle
Yeah yeah
This is gonna be trouble
Yeah yeah (3x)

Verse 1: You guys are always fighting
It’s now time to decide
It’s still gonna be a problem
I have to choose a side


Verse 2: Different stories have been told
Different from the plot of it
I was never there at the time
I don’t know who’s wrong or right

Chorus: It’s not my fault
That I was never that responsible
I’m now stuck in the middle
This will be trouble (2x)


Verse 3: Heat is totally rising
Reachin’ to that boiling point
They are after me
I better get outta this joint


Verse 4: Nowhere left to run
Problem was never solved
(Spoken) Dude, you’re looking at a needle in a haystack.
(Sung) It’s your call, not mine

(Chorus; Refrain; Chorus; Refrain; Fades)

My friends were fighting and I had to pick a side. It reminded me to Wanna Be Startin' Something-Michael Jackson

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