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Let You Fall In Love

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1 Let You Fall In Love on Sun Jul 25, 2010 5:37 pm

Verse 1: It’s that time of year again
February 14th
Everyone is a-searchin’ and a-finding
You get stuck in the middle

Chorus: Can’t give up now
It’s just around the corner now
What would life be
If you don’t fall in love with me?

Clouds swift me off my feet
This want is beside my own
I’ll take you where we’re supposed to meet
Let our given light show

It’s just my way to say, “I love you.”
I hope you world of wisdom
Let you fall in love

Verse 2: People are watching you
People were already asking me
I refused for someone else
How can you not see?

Even though sometimes we fight
It means we need to work a few things out
With that it’ll
Save my life


Bridge: When I’m with you
I can be myself
I don’t really like to be someone else
It’s crazy

I’ll be there for you
That’s what I’m supposed to do
I can’t live without
Just give love a try


My friend is having trouble falling in love.

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