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Come Home

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1 Come Home on Sun Jul 25, 2010 5:39 pm

(Guitar; Piano)

Verse 1: It has just been a week since he left me
I just have been thrown my dreams away
Since then, he never called on the phone
I felt so alone

One day, I took his old guitar,
And I started to play
Even though he’s so far away,
I just want you to know

Chorus: Right after what you said
I had forgiven you
No matter what my parents say
You’ll be here to stay
Now, you shouldn’t be sleepin’ alone
Just come home


Verse 2: When I came home from school one day
My sister gave a call
She said, “He’s alright
Don’t you worry at all”

She continued on
“I’ll tell him that you called
We’ll be movin’ on”

(Chorus; Instrumental)

Verse 3: After a few more days
No news had come
My mama said, “You better move right on”
I said, “No, I won’t”

Turns out he was in the city
His life he wanted didn’t turn out so pretty
He’s one girlfriend decided to throw the stone
And left him alone

I decided to give him a call
So I dialed that speed dial away
The phone rang
Once he picked up
I said

(Chorus; Instrumental)

Verse 4: A few minutes after I sang my song
I was relieved to hear from him to say
“Caity, I’m on my way


I was listening to Hurry Home-Jason Michael Caroll.

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