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This silence, is all I can trust

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1 This silence, is all I can trust on Tue Jul 27, 2010 11:49 pm

Hello, it's me Izzi, anyway, this song is kinda what I'm feeling today, and at this point in my life. Just being alone for the months and for me, feeling like there's no one really there to talk to, to tell my feelings to, to help me and take me step by step to make it through the day. It's longer for a song, sorry. I hope you enjoy. (I kinda am reading this over as I write it up and I'm kind of crying.)

At the end of the day
I walked home alone because I knew
I wouldn't be back there for what seems
to me like it would be years
I shut the door, block out the world
my headphones on that's all my days throughout

Alone in this world just trying to stay along
till the end
When finally I breathe
lay down in my bed and try to think
about the last time I smiled
because I think I only
smile in my sleep
I try to hold it in, but the tears just won't leave
finally fall alseep
just to wake up and feel it all again

Can you hear me?
Look I don't even care
I'll stop my screaming
if you look the other day
let my sleep another day
This is how it felt when I was growing up,
And being part of no one but you found yourself,
And that says a lot to me these days.
Maybe I just need some time to sleep
I'm sorry for the way I used to be

I finally think I understand what I'm saying
hoping you will hear
just let me sleep it off

I always thought the little things were closest in my heart
I'm not in love because I live inside a world that is my own
so tell me
have you surfaced yet
I'm longing for the day
to sit around some friends and talk about my day
I just need to find
someone or something
to hold me over a few more days
well I am just a kid
am I ready for the fall?



I haven't found what I'm looking for just yet
but you can't count on me to stay forever
Maybe I'm just lonely
It always feels the same every single day
what am I supposed to do
How am I supposed to feel
I kinda thought numb to everything was a little wrong
Maybe I'm just lonely
can I cry myself to sleep
I think it's almost over
maybe live just another year
but another summer away
not another summer away
not this another day
It's like my life is just a list
I'm checking off the days
I wonder how many days
my calender can hold?
not too many more
not too many more
I suspect



It's been a bad year
I've been alone too long
I forgotten how to speak
all I can remember is how to sing
is it too bad is it too hard
for me to just scream
for me to sing it all away


maybe thats the word for me
to describe this feeling I can't seem to find
the meaning of in this dictionary
I've learned so many things from being so alone
but why have I not learned how to stop feeling
I've learned so many things
Why can't I learn to stop this pain
I can't learn how to stop feeling
or learn how to not keep crying in my sleep
This is nothing like the pain in your back
because I know your better then that
because I know you better then that




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2 Re: This silence, is all I can trust on Wed Jul 28, 2010 12:04 am


It's beautiful! There's so much emotion and you write beautifully.

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3 Re: This silence, is all I can trust on Wed Jul 28, 2010 1:15 pm

This is great. <3

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4 Re: This silence, is all I can trust on Wed Jul 28, 2010 3:05 pm

i love this so much <33333333333333333

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5 Re: This silence, is all I can trust on Wed Jul 28, 2010 6:44 pm

Thank you guys. I wrote it last night. I have a habit of thinking of a few lines, then going to the club or making a thread, and writing a whole song and posting it at the same time.

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