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1 Haunted on Fri Jul 30, 2010 3:54 pm

Michael: Oh!
Cait: Oh! (4x)

(Thunder cracks; dance music starts)

Both: (Spoken) Come on down!
He he!

(Verse 1)
Cait: There’s a reason to be scared
Tears bled everywhere
The two of us make a pair
Don’t just stand there and stare
Michael: The place ain’t ancient Hollywood
You can’t get outta here if you could
Close your eyes; open your mind
Both: Then, you’ll believe in our invisible kind

This place is haunted
All of our friends are haunted
They don’t want your money
Bring them the time
Shadows are haunted
Ghouls here are haunted
Cait: Now, you can pray to God
To get out of here alive


(Verse 2)
Michael: Danger danger
You’re always surrounded by danger
Cait: This is not all fun and games
Hide all of your fear in shame

(Chorus; Instrumental)

Hopefully someone’s watchin’ you
Michael: Don’t turn your hope so soon

(Chorus 2x)

Can't make much change, but this song is just made up for Ghost as well.

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