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Can't Be The Real Thing

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1 Can't Be The Real Thing on Thu Aug 05, 2010 7:52 pm


Verse 1: Everyday
I think of you while sitting in my room
Every night
I dream of you kissing my lips all through the hours

Chorus: When I look into your eyes
I feel so very light
When I see you smile
I smile so wide

I know that this is a fantasy
Reality is a chance from million to one
You hold my hand
But I have to say
It can’t be the real thing

Verse 2: Every morning
I wake up with the feeling of your kiss on my cheek
I am writing my dream I had the night before


Bridge: Now that I’m with you
I feel safe
We have our own world
To share

(Key change instrumental)


Bridge 2: The real thing (2x)
It can’t be the real thing
This is the real thing

I have imagination dreams of super star boys being my boyfriend but they are not gonna happen.

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