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Lucky To Be Alive

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1 Lucky To Be Alive on Fri Aug 13, 2010 12:19 pm

Oh oooh (2x)

Verse 1: I remember a not so grateful day
I almost died on that day
I was out cold
Until I got a hand to hold


I climbed over the fence to get to the one I loved
When I got turned away I tipped to my death
All in my mom’s fate

Chorus 1: I was surrounded
All by men in blue
I couldn’t go free
There was nothing for me to do

When I wake up hours later
I face a man in white
God gave a second chance
I’m just so lucky

Lucky to be alive (2x)


Verse 2: All those days and years come and gone
I waited all on and on
Now, I am hoping for the best
This will be better than the rest

Chorus 2: Every single time that things go wrong
I think about that day
All of my stars will shine
In no other way

Now I get to see my mommy
Smile at everything I do
God gave me a second chance
I’m just so lucky
Lucky to be alive

(Instrumental; fades)

I fell down the stairs when I was 3 and I wanted to get this outta my system.

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