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Newsletter Contest

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1 Newsletter Contest on Sat Nov 06, 2010 7:26 pm


Song Writing Forums Monthly Newsletter Contest

Well, this contest is going to be a little different, so be sure to take careful notes.

This contest is going to choose the reporters for our website's montly newsletter. I know you all have seen the News Section, and I was hoping to organize things a bit better. So, at the beginning of every month, we're going to be creating a newsletter for the site members to read.

Here are some Sections.

What's New - The editor of this section will be responsible for tracking site changes and recording them in the monthly newsletter. Not all changes are as obvious, so they will also be responsible for PMing me every month so I can tell them exactly what has been changed.
Song of the Month - The editor of this section will be resposible for choosing a song that has been written by a member to be posted in the Newsletter.

How to enter? Fill out this form:
Position(s) you're applying for:
Why do you want it:

1. No chatspeak in articles
2. If you apply, be sure you can check periodically
3. If chosen, must tell me a month in advance if you would like to quit the paper
4. Posts must follow all forum rules.

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