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What Love Is

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1 What Love Is on Fri Nov 26, 2010 1:27 pm

I was writing a play for enjoyment and I made up a few songs. This is one of them.

About: Donny escaped Agatha's clutches and returned home to find Dana crying. He explains how he'll never leave her again.

It’s a little thing
Called love
When you give it to me
I give it back to you

Oh what will I do
If I don't love you
That's what love is

I would be willing to die
For you
Only for that willing
To save you too

You feel things
You want to
That's what love is

I'll help you guide
You through that darkness
And evil grind

I'll lay my hands
Onto you grip
And make sure you're mine

Let our love give hope
If we don't find it
Then, we'll never know

Take my hand, dear sister
I'll never let you go
Oh, my dear brother
You found my courage to let me know

What love

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