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My Friends

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1 My Friends on Fri Nov 26, 2010 1:28 pm

It's a stupid one but what can a play be without a stupid worthless song in it.

About: Fernando calls out the Munchkins to praise Dana and Donny of killing Tibolt and Rashana, the Wicked Witches of the East.

Come forth
Come forward
My fellow little friends
There'll be nothing to be afraid of

Hello, my friends
Welcome our heros
Who save you from the evil masters

Hello, new friends
Thank you so much
For rescuing us
For a plenty

(Spoken) Dana. Donald. This is everyone. Everyone, this is Dana and Donald.

Don't forget Jojo.

(Sung) I would never

Sir, this praise I can't take
This is all a big mistake
Our friends
Please understand our plea

It was just a twister
It spun our house round and round
Until we crashed to the ground

Our heros
Please hear us out
You rescued us from the witches
How do you want us to repay
My fellow followers
You mean much joy to me
As far as you can see
We don't need best in return

And Donald
We give you this
A guarantee for your


Now we ask tis of thee
To be your allies
Againist evil twas thee

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