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I Will Not Change Anything About Him

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1 I Will Not Change Anything About Him on Fri Nov 26, 2010 1:30 pm

Now a romantic song

About: After the cabs drive away again, Donny searches with Miguel to find the Yellow Brick Road. Dana stays with Jojo, the dog and sings how she might think that Miguel is the one for her instead of Taylor.

He's not the way other people see him
Because they only look on the outside of him
When I see his heart
I can't breathe about him

I might be crazy
To fall for a man whose
Confedence broken

It doesn't matter
I will not change
Anything about him

His kindness is beyond compare
Every time I look
I just stare

That can not matter
'Cause I will not change
Anything about him

He treats me like a little baby
He's from my latest fantasy
A fantasy

Oh what I would give
To be with a man like him
I won't change our fate

If it would mean,
Living here for the
Rest of my life

I don't care 'cause
I will not
Never change anything

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