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Never Ever End

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1 Never Ever End on Fri Nov 26, 2010 4:23 pm

About: I used to have a crush on a kid named Michael and this was our love song


Verse 1: We might not see each other ever again
Or we might get a glimpse
All that I know for sure is that life will never ever end

All the dreams with had
All the wishes that we made
All I know for sure is that our lives will never be the same

Chorus: Cause this is a new love
A so new love
That will be able to change

I will fly
Fly up so high
And I'll never come down

I wish there are things that could be
We both should know
That love will never ever end

Verse 2: It all seems very clear
Can this be really real
Or am I a fool of someone's game?

(Chorus; Instrumental)

Bridge 1: Oh, you can't run away
Just not today
You might think I'll be gone
I'm not gone

(Chorus; Instrumental)

Bridge 2: It's all worth it in the end
It will be worth it in the end

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