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I Think I Found You

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1 I Think I Found You on Fri Nov 26, 2010 4:24 pm

About: Inspiration: One Time-Justin Bieber

(Violins; Synchronizer or whatever they are called)

Refrain: Oh-oo
Oh no
Oh yes

Verse 1: I remember the day I first saw you, boy
My heart wanted to speak my voice
Baby, I must confess
I'm a reckless mess

(Small Instrumental)

You came to my party from down the street
You were one of those boys I wanted to meet
Hey, don't walk away from me
I just want you to see...

Chorus: Sweat is slowly crawling
My eyes are rapidly blinking
My bones are fastly shrinking
I sure feel like singing

I don't know what to do
I can't stop crushing on you
I might have to say
I think I found you

(Small Instrumental)

Verse 2: When I returned walking in the hallways
I thought of you every single day
I wonder when we'll meet again
But I'm not okay
I say...


Bridge: You're world
I can make my world (2x)

I'll be sure
That I'll
Be your pearl

Choose one
Oh, because you are surely the one
That I know

(Chorus; Refrain)

Oh, oh, oh (3x)
I found you

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