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The Drama Queens

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1 The Drama Queens on Fri Nov 26, 2010 4:24 pm

About: Two girls named Kelsey and Kristen drove me crazy every single day so I wrote this to get my anger out on them.

Chorus: No
Don't call me
Don't talk to me
All of you are
Just drama queens
You can call me weak or
You can call me bitch
You are weak
Drama queens (2x)

Verse 1: This is just a cycle of a night mare
You keep that small of you yours
Because of you
My dreams blew up in smoke

Maybe I should make things straight
It was a while I hesitate
My friendship true doesn't cost a thing
But you can't play me those stupid games

Yes, they are back
Those are the drama queens


Verse 2: No one in their right would never
Stand up
That is the reason why I would break
This up
You like me only to tame
Have you gone insane?

Oh, you can say all you wanna say
Just so you know, I will not take
All of me you wanna take
Oh, what a big mistake

(Chorus; Instrumental)

Bridge: I thought it was love I found
You brought me all the way down
Only knowledge holds the crown
I can't live that way for long

(Chorus with one extra repeat which makes 3)

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