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I'm Sorry (I'm Not The One)

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1 I'm Sorry (I'm Not The One) on Fri Nov 26, 2010 4:26 pm

About: In my Glee fanfiction, Michelle just told Kurt that it was probably best that Kurt would be more protected without her. She sings this out of guilt.


Verse 1: I'm sorry I lied to you
I really have to leave now
Why am I so hard to you
What is this all about

I never thought I would hurt you
Maybe it's because I'm so in love with you
And that's why I can't be around you
I'll be making my mistake

It's my way of saying goodbye
Or have no idea why
This always happens to me

Chorus: I can't imagine how
I have to leave you now
It pains me so
Only to let you go

I'm sorry
I'm not the one for you

Verse 2: I know how you feel
It hurts too much to be real
But if I want to stay here
I wouldn't be faithful to you

I know I can't ask you to change
Who you will love will depend on faith
But I don't want
To put off goodbye

(Chorus 2x)
Bridge: And my mind spinnin' crazy
My vision has been hazy
I walking away from my baby
No, I'm just runnin' away

(Chorus 3x)

Bridge 2: I'm so sorry
I didn't mean to hurt you
(Whispers) But...
(Sung) I can't
Be your only

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