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Life Is Like A Mall

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1 Life Is Like A Mall on Sat Dec 04, 2010 2:50 pm

Purpose: I had this stupid idea in my head all through the years and decided to put it out.

Why did it have to be like this?

Okay now, we have life lessons for ya today. It’s how your life…is like shopping at the mall. Are you ready, C.C.?


Now, lets lights, camera, action!

Chorus: (Rap) Shoppin’
Livin’ at the mall
‘Cause life is like a mall (2x)

Livin’ the mall
This is the C.C.’s Life Mall
We got music, boys
Yes, I do it all, ladies
Drivin’ ‘round the lot in my Mercedes

This ain’t Omaha,
New York or San Diego
But this mall show the way I roll


Hey, you, there are a few hotties
H there are a-lotties
But what can I say
I’m gorgous in my own way

Lets make it huge
Lets let it lose
Imma strut down the hall in my high heeled shoes


(Spoken) Now, lets turn things around here. Nobody ever does this anymore. Rap it, JB!

(Rap) C.C.’s Mall
It’s a party of a brawl
It’s right down town
Where people crave the sound

Caitlin turns me on
Life the music in the bar
Spendin’ all my salos
I’ll be sure to come back tomorrow


Hey Cait!

Yo, Justin!

Wanna go to the mall?


Lets rock and roll, baby!

(Chorus 2x; Fades)

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