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1 Hopeful on Wed Dec 08, 2010 9:37 pm

About: Roge thought that it was his fault that Dana, Donny, and Jojo were put under the sleeping spell. Like Miguel says, "Music soothes the savage beast.

Dana: We got this far
Just to get what we need
But a flower can’t grow
Unless it starts
As a seed

Donny: If there’s a chance to go back
It’s too far away
Right from behind
We are almost there

Both: We just need to believe
It’s called being hopeful

Dana: Only if you’re being greatful

Donny: Or just helpful

Both: Plus let us all be hopeful
For you and I

Dana: God will be watching over you
Will guide your pathway

Donny: Our only fate is to
Walk the way through and through

Both: It’s not that difficult to do
We’re hopeful
Oh so hopeful

Dana: It’s you and me

Donny: Plus us three
And including a little friend indeed

Both: It’s oh so greatful
To be very helpful
Oh, be hopeful

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