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You're Seeing The Wizard

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1 You're Seeing The Wizard on Wed Dec 08, 2010 9:39 pm

About: First song of act 2, the gang finally gets to the Emerald City and this is how the citizens greet them.

Citizens: You’re seeing the Wizard
You’re seeing the Wizard
The great man who helped this land be a city of greatness
As any wizard should

Dana: Is the Wizard really wise?
Does he have a heart of gold?

Citizens: The Wizard is an honorary man
Bones as hard as stone

Donny: If you say what is true,
Then what man are we addressing?

Abraham: This man is all class
But how do we prove ourselves to thee?

Citizens: Yes!
Now, come forth to change
It’ll give the Wizard respect

(The gang is led into the beauty parlor)

Beauty Man: (Spoken) Welcome, our heroes. We have the perfect outerwear for each of you.

Miguel: Thank you, sir.

(Beauty Man claps)

Beauty Man: Ladies, give our guest the Royalty Treatment.

Beauty Ladies: Yes, sir, boss.

Beauty Lady #1: (Sung) You sir

(Pulls Abraham)

Come my way
I’ll make your skin shine like new
Try some Shine Oil and shine away
(Abraham slides some on his arm. His arm is clean and shiny.)

Abraham: (Spoken) Now, this is a gift. Thank you so much.
Beauty Lady #2: (Sung) Now, you there
With the eyes of blue
You should try another color

(Pulls Miguel over)

(Spoken) Green is the new brown (Snaps fingers) How’s that?

Miguel: So warm. Thank you. God bless you.

Beauty Lady #3: (Sung) This leather here
Fit for a queen
The colors change with
What you desire

Dana: It’s a surprise
My gown matches my eyes

Donny: This suit I’m wearing
Make me feel I’m sharing
With the president of the USA

Beauty Lady #4: This will shed
Please don’t fret because

Roge: I still will be
Dressed and fit
For the mighty Wizard of Oz

Citizens: You’re seeing the Wizard
The great and mighty Wizard

Dana: He’s the man

Donny: The wonderful man

All: To make your dreams
True for

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