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Yes, I Remember

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1 Yes, I Remember on Sat Feb 19, 2011 6:18 pm

I never lost that feelin’
When I
First met you
I needed you
And you
Wanted me

But there were times
That I wanted
To go back and do it again
And then there were times
That I wished
That I were smarter

Yes, I remember
No, I don’t loathe it
I still know how I would’ve turned back the clocks
And returned to where I was
When I
Really missed you

How are you doin’
How’s your wife comin’
I wish you all well
Are you busy
Your bravery must’ve made you dizzy
But you have to pull through

Yes, I remember
That crazy winter
Where I needed you
And you wanted me

About: For my play sequel to The Second Oz, in Relieving Emerald City, Donny is singing about how much he misses his old friends.

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