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Winds of Cold

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1 Winds of Cold on Sat Feb 19, 2011 6:19 pm

There’s a place in my mind
Which I cannot run from
Not even if I well tried
I still get knocked down
I wouldn’t be sure
Of where I wanted
To be
But there might not be a cure
If I’m dead on the ground

What is this world I’m coming to
Am I going crazy
Can you feel it too
I keep having this chill lately
It travels over my shoulders

It arrives and leaves too cold
When I’m all alone
And I might
Not know where I’m goin’
There’s my fear
Pounding against my chest
And yet I
Have not managed

This wind will come
This wind will go
When will it
I don’t even know
But all I know is
How to cover from it

Here I am again
On another quest
But I don’t know why
I have to do
Such a monster task

I don’t even know
If I will succeed
I’m scared
Of what I have to face
But I don’t want to do this
This is not even clear
All I can hear is
The winds of cold

(Spoken) So…cold.

About: For Relieving Emerald City, Donny is joined with Titi and his mongoose Tilak, and he sings about his journey and how he is partly sure about it.

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