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Oh Daniel....

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1 Oh Daniel.... on Sun Oct 23, 2011 11:00 am

Here's the key because I was thinking of writing a play to this as well:

Cait: Oh god.
Oh, Daniel

Nic: What?

Cait: I’m sorry. Just by kissing you…
I fell in love with Daniel

Nic: Cait, I think you’re going nuts.

Cait: Yes.
It’s true
Please, Nic, you have to go
Thank you so much

Nic: I didn’t know that I was much help anyway.

(Nic leaves. Cait calls Daniel through Viacom.)

Cait: Daniel, please come here
I have important news to tell

Daniel: What’s that?

Cait: I think…I’m in love

(Cait cuts the connection)

Oh, Cait, what mess you got yourself into
A perfect mess undefined
A freedom I finally received

(Daniel enters)

Daniel: Cait, what is it?

Cait: Oh, Daniel,
Can’t you hear the bells out the window?

Daniel: No?

Cait: Can you hear the angels call your name?

Daniel: I’m sorry?

Cait: How about the song?

(Daniel shakes his head. Cait leans closer.)

Can you hear it now?

Daniel: No? Caitlin, what is this?

(Cait kisses Daniel)

Cait: How about now?

Daniel: Yes, I do.

Cait: Oh, Daniel,
For all my life I never thought a day like this would come
I imagine
My wedding three times a day
Let my mind can run

My vision’s clear
Angels are running in my head
Singing my true lover’s name
And that true love
I know it’s you

Daniel: Wait, what?

Cait: Oh, Daniel, it makes so much sense now.
Every time I see you
Love blinds me
Every time I hear you
I go almost deaf
Only to the people near me

Every time you walk towards me
My legs begin to disappear
Oh, Daniel
With you, I have nothin’ to fear

Daniel: Caity, do you really feel this way about me?

Cait: Yes, Daniel, I do.

Daniel: Oh wow.
I don’t know what to say
Except, I feel the same
I hear the bells
The angels call your name

I don’t feel the same as I used to
It’s because you came and took my heart away
I don’t know if I want it back
I don’t think I care
Oh, Caitlin
I dreamed this moment only with you

I can let my mind wander

Cait: Oh, Daniel
Oh, so tender

Both: To share one life with each other
Whatever we choose to do

Cait: Daniel

Daniel: Caitlin

Both: I love you

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