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I Can Do This

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1 I Can Do This on Mon Oct 24, 2011 7:36 pm


Manager: Okay, sweetie, you’re ready to go. Just walk down towards the auditorium and you’re ready to go.

(Cait turns downstage)

Cait: I can. Yes, I can.
I can do this.

(Scene changes to a stage)

My heart is racing
I can hardly wait
Blood is pumping
You won’t catch up with my pace

I can’t wait another moment
I have waited for far too long
This is my moment
I can do this

I have sung on a stage
Many smaller than this one
I have danced across my page
Everyday I would dream upon

If I don’t make it
Birds will forever fly
Rivers will still flow
I can take another try
My flower can grow

It’s time to put my plan in motion
Nobody will run over me with commotion
I’ll sing ‘til my voice runs dry
I want to show the world
What power is in this girl
I swear I can make you cry

I can do the work
I’ll bow down to be your slave
A slave to the music and the arts
You can’t tear me apart
I can do this
(Just try)
I can do this
(You can’t)
I will
(Don’t cry)
No need to ‘cause I know
I can do this!

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