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A Girl Like Me

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1 A Girl Like Me on Mon Oct 24, 2011 7:39 pm


Cait: I know I’m different, Jacky. That’s what got me here. I can’t wait to meet my singer. I bet he never expected a girl like me.

He was hoping for stealth
I can’t do a pushup for my life
He was searching for wealth
Does upper middle class count
I imagined all those qualities for later on in the day
When I have time to gain them
All the other girls I see here
The majority are the same, sir

I came from almost the bottom of the money chain
The only rich thing I have is my mother’s engagement ring
I am a girl who’s looking for so much more
Mr. J has to find out what’s in store
In a girl like me

I’m not flexible
I can’t play basketball
I’m not the sporty time
I only choose the fruit that is ripe

So many things I’m willing to learn
To twist on the right path to turn
All of you just wait
There is no reason to hate
A girl like me

What is he like
Does he like to read
I know I do
Something that gives me my resting feet
What does he like to do
Off of work, go to a show?
We can talk about a song for an hour
‘Til it’s time to go for the night

Why he chose me
Is a mystery to only me
Does it matter
I’m already flattered
He maybe wants the whole world to see
A girl just like me

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