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To Come Home

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1 To Come Home on Mon Oct 24, 2011 7:40 pm


Daniel: Oh Garry, I can see it now. I can see myself in front of a mirror with Miss Cherniak slash future Mrs. Daniel Radcliffe in my arms.

Garry: Yeah, maybe while that’s happening, I’ll head over to the crafty for my lunch.

Daniel: Whatever you say.

(Garry leaves)

(Laughing) So strange. I never fell in love with a younger woman but…she’s perfect.

What am I feeling
This sudden wrong that feels right
This younger girl with talent
Stole my heart today

Where does my future begin
What do I say
To make her feel so at home
No need to worry, my dear
I promise you will not be alone

In our little house of Beverly,
It’ll only be us two
Then, when I get home
It’s all about you
At night, I’ll be waiting
Just for you to come home

Nobody has to know
Of the places we will go
And the time we will spend
And the things we could mend
And during the day
I’ll show you the way
To my favorite little show
That I only know

(Raises eyebrows)

Baby doll,
I’ll take you anywhere
I love you too
I’m willing to wait
Until you are allowed
To come home

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