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Where Is She Now

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1 Where Is She Now on Tue Dec 27, 2011 12:40 pm

What happened to
The girl I used to know
It didn’t take long
For you to show
There’s no telling how
Where is she now

What happened to
The girl I share kisses to
Now I have to
Sit around waiting for you
Her first impression…wow
Where is she now

Her smile was replaced
By a frown and disgrace
Her life is claimed sin
Wishing the life that had been
I’m sorry for your pain
Please do not change

How could you
Change so quickly
I see how
Long you’ve been sickly
You held onto that vow
Where is she now


The lark that springs
Up to sing good morning
Rain will appear
In sight without warning
But there’s no telling how
Oh where is she

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